Here at Kentucky Stud, we are working to inform you on all things Breeders’ Cup so that by the time the coveted event is here, you know exactly what to see and (more importantly) what to eat! If you are in town for Breeders’ Cup, or even visiting the weeks leading up to BC, and get a craving for something sweet, there is only one place to turn: Caramanda’s Bake Shoppe!

Every year Breeders’ Cup finds a local bakery in the host city to create the official Breeders’ CupCake. This year’s winner was Caramanda’s and we can’t wait to try it. When we are in need of a sweet treat for a special event or just an every day snack, Caramanda’s is our go to place. The people are exceptionally friendly, always showing southern hospitality and friendliness to all their customers.

The special CupCake this year is a raspberry cake infused with white chocolate chips and crowned with their decadent buttercream frosting. They even managed to get the inside of the CupCake to match the Breeders’ Cup purple, which was no easy task.

Feel guilty about eating dessert? Well now you don’t have to! For every CupCake sold, $1 will be donated to the charity Central Kentucky Riding for Hope. So when you see the CupCakes being sold at various Breeders’ Cup events, feel free to snag one or two because it’s going to a great cause!!

*check back for the recipe and a detailed list of events on where you can find the Breeders’ CupCake!

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