The Feeders’ Cup- Food Truck Tasting Event


Here’s another event coming up during the Breeders’ Cup Festival that will cater to all of our foodies out there- The Feeders’ Cup Food Truck invitational! Lexington is slowly but surely adding quality food trucks to the town, making up a quite impressive fleet. With the trendy nature of these eateries and the constant growth that Lexington has seen over the last several years it is no wonder that food trucks are becoming popular so why not dedicate an entire event to honor them?! The Feeders’ Cup will take place at Whitaker Bank Ballpark on Saturday, October 24th from 3-10PM. Tickets are $20 ahead of time and $30 day of at the gate. Our initial thought was that these ticket prices were a little steep but this fee gets you into the event AND gets you free samples of food from all 20 trucks! The only catch? You have to help the judges decide which food truck is the best by voting on what you try. And that is something that I think all of us can handle

Click on the link to the Feeders’ Cup below so you can get your tickets ahead of time and avoid the lines and save some money!

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